Let’s celebrate Têt – Lunar New Year!


Vietnamese and Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year as their own new year. In Vietnamese, we call it Têt, a celebration where family and food mingle very well together!

Did somebody mention food? All you foodies out there probably haven’t heard of Bánh chưng, a traditional Vietnamese rice cake which is made from glutinous rice, mung beans, pork and other ingredients (thanks Wiki!). If you are lucky, your family makes them a few days before Têt. But this cake takes long labour hours to make and so… we just go out and buy them. But where? Ahhhh, the best ones are always made by that lady who knows a friend of a friend. And how do you get her number? Well you call a friend, who calls a friend who might have the number. And when you finally get her number – a day before Têt – she tells you that you are way too late! Then you start begging for one… And hope she will make a few extra ones for those who are last minute like you! And of course, she does. And trust me, it’s worth the trouble.


For this special occasion, 3G1D want to show off the Vietnamese traditional dress called Ao Dai (literally translated means the long dress). These dresses are all customized dresses made to fit each unique body. We rarely have the occasion to be traditional and today, it’s the perfect time.

Queenie, though Chinese, wore perfectly the ao dai to be Vietnamese for a day.


Lilianne wore the traditional ao dai with a touch of modernity in her pants. This one is hand-painted.


Therese pulled out her wedding ao dai for the occasion, also hand-painted.


But our dream ao dai are those of Thuan Viet, especially the ones he designed for Miss Universe.


thuan viet ao dai miss universe



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