Courselle Cycles <3

Just last week we celebrated the Courselle Cycles launch event at Alexandraplatz Bar.

Our mini collaboration with our (favorite) Sainte-Elisabeth fixed gear bicycle!

A little more about Courselle Cycles:

Created with aesthetics as a priority, Courselle delivers what these Montreal streets have been begging for – stately rides to maneuver distinguishably through the crowds. With the rise of utility biking as one of the fastest growing lifestyle trends in the world, those walking days are certainly over. How dated it is to just cycle for sport—bike style is the new street style.

Designed and assembled in Montreal, this home-grown brand delivers substance without compromising flavour. Courselle also salutes their creative peers with a halo collection of limited-edition pieces personalized by local artists. With the needs of their admirers in mind, these handsome two-wheelers are conveniently priced en plus.

With the arrival of a long-anticipated summer, a launch party for these new kids on the block with BBQ and brews is much needed. Because life is pretty much like riding a bicycle—you wouldn’t fall off unless you stopped pedaling.

That being said, we cannot wait to show you the pictures taken by 1890 films.
Here’s a few below 😉2 3 4 5 76 8 9 11 12

(ate too much BBQ that night with extra Oro Rojo spicy sauce…) xxx,


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