3 Photographers 1 Scene

We love photographers: they make us feel fabulous! But they are also our eyes, they bring out their vision, our beauty, our story. And with that in mind, we decided to challenge 3 photographers. We presented them 1 scene and ask them to do their magic and then to send us their vision.

We can not wait to show you the result! 3 photographers + 1 scene = 3 different stories.

And the cherry on the sunday? We have 1890 Films who made a behind-the-scene video!

Starting tomorrow, you will see the first vision of our 3G1D x iLustLuxury collaboration throught the eyes of 3 different photographers.

Dont forget to come back every day to discover the many stories of this single scene… And on Friday, you’ll be able to let us know your thoughts on our little challenge 🙂Photo 2015-03-02 12 28 10


From left to right: Dre Nguyen, Richard Pham, Emy Leclerc and Xuan Hai Au Lê.



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One thought on “3 Photographers 1 Scene

  1. loving the project!

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