Dinner time!


It’s Friday and we think you deserve a nice meal to finish the week! We asked Thérèse (who happens to be the founder of Food Ninjas – a monthly foodies gathering event) what’s her top 3 Montréal restaurant. So she picked her ‘dream’ list.

1) Hôtel Herman, 5171 Saint-Laurent

I love this place! I love it, I love it, I love it! The flavors that come out of each plate which seems so simple! A true explosion of joy in my mouth! The staff is great and I love Dominic who is super nice! It’s a bit pricey but I think it is worth every penny. The menu changes all the time so it gives you the chance to come back and not be bored. And they were able to make us love sea urchins! Really!





2) Bouillon Bilk, 1595 Saint-Laurent

You need the address to find this gem! You may have passed by it millions of times and have never seen it. I love their food. Simple and yet, it’s a pleasure at each bite. The ambiance is completely different from Hôtel Herman which is more hipster, this one is colder and maybe more snub but they are not snub at all! Last time I had the risotto and wow!! Pricey so keep this for a special occasion.




3) Kazu, 1862 Sainte-Catherine West

I’ve been going to Kazu since the opening, the time where there was no lineup to eat his tuna and salmon bowl or his memorable ramen! I miss the time when I can seat at the bar, slowly eat my ramen and have a nice conversation with Kazu. This tiny place is so popular now, we’re lucky if Kazu acknowledges us! But it is definitely worth the wait! What to eat? Just everything! But I do love his tuna and salmon bowl, the shrimp burger, his ramen (only at lunch time!) and the tuna belly. Yummy!




My top 3 cheap-thrill restaurants! You got to try these restaurants!

  • Gado Gado, 1242 Mackay – Indonesian restaurant, the food is yummy, the place is clean and nice!
  • Ganadara, 1862 Maisonneuve Ouest – korean restaurant coréen! The only place (I know) where I can get my ramen with CHEESE! So good! So cheap!
  • Thali, 1409 Saint-Marc – Indian restaurant where you are full with wonderful food for less than $10! Oh yeah!
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