Bao Hân: next week’s very Special Guest!

baohanNot only does renowned Vietnamese singer, Bao Hân, has a beautiful voice and infinite long legs, she is generous, friendly and has a million dollar smile (you will discover it next week)!! This beautiful woman is flawless!

She made 3G1D very happy and excited when she accepted our challenge: play the Diva for the blog!

But first, we had to ask her a few questions!

3G1D: If you were a shoe, what would you be?

BH: A STILETTO! Timeless, classic and sexy!

3G1D: If you have to pick one between: shoes, bag, jewelry, dress?

BH: Dress (3G1D: this is perfect! We picked the right girl!)

3G1D: Who’s your fashion inspiration?

BH: I love the Brits, such as Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham!

3G1D: Who’s your everyday inspiration?

BH: Everyone and everything.

3G1D: We’ve asked you to be the ‘Diva’ would you say it is your style? If not, how would you define your style?

BH: I don’t think a Diva would describe my personal style. I am all about comfort. As long as I am comfortable I feel confident and confidence is sexy!

Thank you Bao Hân for accepting our challenge!

You will be able to see what a great stylish she is on Monday!

Have a great weekend!

Queenie, Lilianne and Therese


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